TRL Krosaki

TRL Krosaki's Mission statement stresses on creating value for all its stakeholders viz Customers, Investors, Suppliers, Employees and the Society. Therefore sustainability is built into our Business Process. The company follows a triple bottom line concept (social, environmental and economic) for organisational sustainability and works to meet needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

In social front, TRL Krosaki's Community Development and Social Welfare department understands the needs and expectations of the surrounding communities and endeavours to address them. All the Community Development and Social Welfare initiatives are regularly reviewed and monitored by the Senior Leadership of the company.

To excel in its environmental performance, the company ensures the following:

  • Products, processes and equipment are ensured to be environment friendly.
  • Pollution levels should always be kept better than the statutory norms and to be reduced continually.
  • Developing and maintaining a green belt inside and the surrounding areas of the company through planting trees every year.
  • Conservations of natural resources, energy and taking up climate change initiatives on priority basis.

On the economic front, the company follows a long term and a short term strategic planning process to improve its top and bottom line. TRL Krosaki has taken a number of steps such as growth through modernization and expansion, innovation, ensuring raw material security, etc. to ensure long term sustainability.