TRL Krosaki

Corporate Social Responsibilities Initiatives

TRL Krosaki acknowledges that being a responsible corporate citizen of the communities in which it functions, it has a responsibility to improve the quality of life of the communities. TRL Krosaki relentlessly strives in its endeavour to facilitate economic, environmental and social sustainability of its communities.

TRL Krosaki, a pioneer in undertaking community development & social welfare work has identified the communities who reside in the villages and areas around its plants and the company is committed to ensuring that they benefit from the company's presence in their neighbourhood.

Consistent with the group purpose, TRL Krosaki has launched many focused CSR initiatives in the areas of Health & Sanitation, Education, Self-employment & Entrepreneurship development, Women Empowerment, Spreading Literacy & Awareness, Infrastructure development & support etc. The Company has received TERI CSR award from the then Honourable President of India in 2009 for its commendable work in correction of cleft lips & cleft palates.

The important CSR focus areas of the company are as follows:


Health and Sanitation


Sustainable Livelihood


Infrastructure Development