TRL Krosaki

Corporate Social Responsibilities Initiatives

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility have been the focused areas of TRL Krosaki since its inception. The company aims to improve the quality of life of the communities living around its operations who are the key communities for the company. It believes in inclusive growth and strives to positively impact the lives of its key communities. The company understands and addresses the concerns of communities through mutual consultation and partnership mode.

Under the guidance of the 'Corporate Social Responsibility Committee' constituted at the Board level, Company's CSR activities are undertaken on its own or through agencies approved under the law. The company focuses its CSR activities on Education, Health Care, Drinking Water and Sanitation, Sports, Ethnicity, Sustainable Livelihood, Environment, Rural Infrastructure Development, etc.

The company followed the following principles while selecting CSR projects.

  • Maximum Impact: Select Projects which can serve a larger section of the community
  • Addressing Salient Development Imperatives: Select Projects supporting improvement of basic amenities, infrastructure, health, education and sustainable livelihood
  • Partnership and Collaboration: Involve Municipality, Local Representatives, Village Associations, Government Authorities and other stakeholders from the society
  • Focus on Geographical Proximity: Maximise CSR work in villages situated around its plant operations and mines.
  • Flexibility with Control: Keep the CSR plan flexible and close to approved budget

TRL Krosaki is a pioneer of CSR work in the country and has been awarded with TERI CSR Award in 2009 from the President of India. The company received the coveted Indian Chamber of Commerce Social Impact Award for the year 2020 & 2021 for its impactful CSR initiatives.

The important CSR focus areas of the company are as follows:


Health and Sanitation


Sustainable Livelihood


Infrastructure Development