TRL Krosaki

TRL Krosaki Refractories Limited develops, designs and recommends Optimal Clay for the Customer's Blast Furnace Operations based on thorough Field Evaluation.

  • TRL Krosaki is the only Major Supplier of Taphole Clay to all the bigger size BF in India (SOB >40%).
  • TRL Krosaki holds >25% of India's Taphole Clay market.


  • Easy to Charge (Better Plasticity)

    Taphole Clay with good plasticity shows linear increase of pressure with compressive load test, however, poor plasticity shows sudden stagnant of pressure as cracks are generated.
  • Apparent Plasticity
  • Easy to Drill (Appropriate Sintering)

    Provides sufficient strength to maximize TapHole Clay performance with less bore erosion and cracks by conducting small scale push and drill test.
  • Prolonged trough life (Less Spitting)
  • Side wall protection (Proper Mushroom Formation)
  • Applicable for Long-term tapping (Sufficient Durability)
  • Lower Specific Consumption/ Kg of Iron


Our manufacturing unit for Taphole Clay was inaugurated in September 2012 with KHC know-how. The unit is located in Belpahar, Odisha.
The Unit is equipped with modern machines and technology to churn out superior quality Tap Hole Clay.
Homogeneous Mixing obtained by high efficiency kneading and temperature control