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TRL Krosaki manufactures a wide range of monolithics such as low cement, ultra-low cement, conventional and insulating castables including basic ramming mass, gunning material, acidic ramming mass, plastic, mortars for all kind of industries e.g. - Iron Making, Lime, Steel, Aluminium, Power, Copper, Glass and many more.

A fully equipped precast and pre-fired plant is there to manufacture different complicated and critical items which are not possible to make through pressing route. Besides the main manufacturing unit in Belpahar, there are four other locations in India for manufacturing different kinds of monolithics. Today, the total combined production capacity of TRL Krosaki's four monolithics plant is 10,000 MT per month, aimed at fulfilling customer requirements promptly.

TRL Krosaki imports raw materials like Bauxite, BFA, WTA, Spinel, Mullite, Andalusite, DBM, cement, microsilica, calcined & reactive alumina etc. from world best raw material suppliers.

With the world best technology supported by Krosaki Harima Corporation of Japan, the performance of monolithics in different industries has significantly improved. At present, the performance of trough castable and tap hole clay has boosted to set the benchmark in India.

TRL Krosaki Belpahar monolithics plant capacity is 52,560 MT/Annum and Tap Hole Clay plant capacity is 14,400 MT/Annum.

Facilities at Belpahar unit are

  • High intensive inclined mixer machine
  • High intensive mixer machine
  • Pan mixer machines
  • Precast plant
  • Fine Ball mill
  • 700°C furnace
  • Facility for firing precast shapes up to 1500°C

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