TRL Krosaki

Service is our mindset...World is our playground

Considering the growing demand in service of refractory at customers' end in early 2000, we started our dedicated service activities from 2002 onwards. Till now, we have developed our expertise in different industries and products to give continuous support to customer troubles during operation.

Our service comprises the following -

Complete Project Management

  • Detail Engineering and Drawing
  • Supply of Refractories and auxiliary items
  • Dismantling, Installation & Dry Out, Commissioning, After Sales Service
  • Maintenance repair through expert supervision.

Total Refractories Management

  • Partnership for long term basis for win-win solutions
  • Maximizing value to customer

Engineering Solutions

  • Refractories Health Inspection
  • Failure Analysis and providing solutions
  • Design optimization

We have successfully executed a large number of projects including Coke Oven, Blast Furnace, Mini Blast Furnace, Trough, Torpedo Ladle, SMS area, Limekiln, DRI, Pellet Plant, Carbon Black Reactors, Coke Calcination Unit, Boilers, Sub Merged Arc Furnace, ABF, Lead Furnace, Copper Furnace and many more

TRL Krosaki provides services to all refractory users along with its products.

Our Services consists both - project services as well as regular management services.

Scope of work consists of Design, Dismantling, Supply, Installation, Dry out, Inspection of refractory lining and Expert Supervision worldwide.

TRL Krosaki also provides continuous management of equipment in running plants e.g. - Ladle Management, Trough Management, EAF Management, Converter Management, Tundish Management etc.

Our Valued Customers