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We regularly supply Special Castables, High Alumina bricks and Magnesia Enriched Dolomite bricks for cement plants and emerging as a significant refractory supplier & service provider.

Product Recommended Application Area Salient Features
TRL Cast AC Inlet Housing, Riser Duct, Tip Casting, Burner Pipe It is a low cement Silicon Carbide based anti-coating castable having unique properties of weak-adherence. This castable prevents coating formation in high alkali/sulphur environment and optimize the material flow.
TRL Cast AR SC Tip Casting, Burner Pipe, Cooler, Bull Nose This is a new generation product with excellent strength and resistance to abrasion, thermal shock and alkali attack.
    Advantages of Magnesia enriched Dolomite bricks-
  • Reduction in permeability of the brick
  • Protection of free lime surfaces of dolomite grains direct contact with SO3, Cl2 and CO2
  • Increasing the life

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