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We believe in nurturing talent to make sure that young minds discover their hidden potential and explore to boundaries and beyond. connecting with campuses helps in infusing fresh blood in the system by bringing in talent from campuses and provide learning opportunities through assignments, roles, training, e-learning, cross functional projects. That way, we make sure; we grow our people from within.

Graduate Trainee Program

Every year we look for recent graduates and young professionals to join us as Graduate Trainees (GT) and our recruitment team handpicks the best talents specially in the area of metallurgy, ceramics, and mechanical. They undergo rigorous acclimatization program for three months and are provided learning exposure in almost all functions within a year where these young professionals are given a first-hand feel of the core business processes and systems.

Mentoring is a one of the important techniques where an experienced person guides a young fresh talent. To provide the fresh graduates with guidance during their transition phase from college campus to the corporate life and to improve retention and commitment, we have mentoring programme for our graduate trainees where they are guided by our senior executives. The mentors hone their skill sets and a Management panel evaluates each project at the end of completion basis which growth path is defined. Our mentoring initiatives help in providing emotional support to new employees as well as ensuring a smooth transition into our processes, systems and culture.

Summer Internship Program

To gain valuable working experience in an innovative environment every year many students undergo summer internship programs. Our recruitment teams also onboards the interns under summer internship Program that aims to bring young talent from best undergraduate institutes into the company at the grass root level and the selected candidates are assigned live projects with corresponding departments. Post completion of the internship they are assessed and the selected interns are offered for pre-placement offer.

GT Testimonial

Cinque Terre

Rajashree Swain
"I'm glad to be a part of TRLK Krosaki where I got ample opportunity to learn & grow. As a part of TRL Krosaki family I had wonderful relations both personally and professionally. Our leaders take really interest and get involved with teams to support them. Frequent Knowledge sharing sessions and communication from Top management motivates the employee to be more efficient and dedicated to his/her work."


Cinque Terre

Swaraj Mund
"It has been quite a fun ride working in this organization. The work culture will make you feel at home. As a GT we get clarity about our job responsibilities right from the beginning. The support of seniors and colleagues is remarkable. This positive working atmosphere has helped me to juggle across college life to corporate life with ease. The past four years has been a great learning curve for me personally as well as professionally."


Cinque Terre

Sangam SS Tunga
"My journey in TRLK has been wonderful till date. TRLK being the mother of my professional career has taught me to embrace all the opportunities coming in my way with self-belief. The best part is being surrounded by wonderful seniors who always push you to bring out the best and reach greater heights. You get the platform to play as a leader as well as a team player and learning new things is a never-ending process here. TRLK has also played a key role in developing my technical and managerial skills. Thus, I can say that the last two years has been an enriching experience and I am looking forward to grow and serve the organization every way possible."


Cinque Terre

Pratik Gupta
International Business
"TRL Krosaki stands for opportunities. It does not limit us to work only but there is a total support system of mentoring, providing competitive work culture & work life balance as well. The exposure in the company has helped me to gain invaluable knowledge about the industry locally & globally"


Cinque Terre

Sambeet Moharana
"My association with TRLK (being my first job) has been amazing till now. I have learned to be accountable, adaptive and also enriched my technical knowledge. I am passionate to work with this organization since it provides me a continuous challenging environment to grow and quite helpful yet co-operative colleagues and seniors to work with."