TRL Krosaki

1. To describe various security processes (security activities) like protection of property, access control, firefighting, road safety, physical security, training, handling security gadgets, modernisation, liaison & above all handling IR & Audits.

2. To capture Key Issue Areas in these activities.

3. To develop action plans, i.e. short term / long term, economic / non-economic adjudging the urgency of the safety & security needs of TRL Krosaki Works Belpahar.

Process / Activities in relation to Vigil Management at TRL Krosaki Works
  • Access control of company employees: Biometrics attendance system
  • Access control of contractor personnel: Through Bar Code system
  • Access control of trainees, apprentice, summer interns: Manual Entry in Registers
  • Access control of visitors: Gate pass issued after consulting with departments
  • Access control of visitors to "R & D": With special permission from R & D
  • Access control of Bricks Inspectors: Gate pass issued & Nodal officer is deployed
  • Access control of Foreigners on Company business: Gate pass & Nodal Officer is involved
  • Access control of Raw material vehicles - shipping vehicles: Entry through SAP
  • Access control of other vehicles - RM shifting, project vehicles: SAP
  • Access control of personal cars, bikes: Permission & Registration at Gate is done
  • Access control of company hired Taxis - visitor's cars: Gate pass is made
  • Potential risk assessment and property protection: Through Security patrolling
  • Movement of Company finished product: Documentation in SAP
  • Movement of company Secondary product: Documentation in SAP
  • Movement of company materials non-returnable: SAP
  • Movement of company materials returnable: SAP
  • Movement of contractors own materials: Proper gate pass
  • Movement of Project Materials: SAP
  • Prevention of theft & pilferage: Physical frisking and security guarding
  • Prevention of sabotage and espionage: Through intelligence
  • Road Traffic Management at Plant: Traffic Marshals (flagmen are deployed)
  • Road Traffic Management at Project site: Flagmen deployed
  • Fire fighting in plant including project site: Fire station with Fire safety Management
  • Fire training at shop floor: Regularly done by our firefighting team
  • Audit of fire prone areas in side plant- across plant - project area- Admin Building etc.
  • Conducting Monthly Fire Mock Drills at shop Floor: By our firefighting team
  • Conducting Annual Fire Mock Drill As a part of E P P: By our firefighting team
  • Handling of Arms & Ammunition: By company security personnel
  • Handling of Security Automation & Handling of Security Gadgets like CCTV etc.
  • Monitoring and handling of IR, Trade union activities in co-ordination with HR / Admin Department - deployment of intelligence inside and outside
  • Handling of Industrial Unrest situation, media & locals; with the help of police and own security
  • Intelligence Collection: Own source. District Intelligence Bureau - local authority etc.
  • Vigilance - through physical deterrence and innovative techniques with help of internal auditors
  • Liaison and coordination with Police, local administration and District Administration & key person of the surrounding locality to understand the social behavior
  • Management of Land & Estate : Addressing encroachment issue.