TRL Krosaki
  • Plant was inaugurated on 16th March 2018.
  • Our aim is to achieve highest snorkel life with maximum equipment availability at lowest possible cost.
  • TRL Krosaki Belpahar Snorkel plant capacity is 24 sets per month.
Product and services
  • Ready to use snorkels for RH Degasser for degassing and refining.
  • CAS-OB snorkel to control the steel composition in secondary metallurgy.
  • Technical support and services to our customers.
Special Features of TRL Krosaki's Product
  • High quality DBMC bricks fired at high temperature (>1800°C) with low porosity and permeability ensured through sophisticated mixing and pressing are used in assembly of snorkels.
  • High quality MgO-C bricks manufactured by high quality automated presses are used in assembly of CASOB Snorkels.
  • Specially designed silica free, tabular alumina and spinel based self-flow castable optimized with high thermal spalling resistance and low corrosion resistance is used in our snorkel.
  • Gap Free assembly of bricks.

Facilities at Belpahar unit are:

  • Highly sophisticated and Automated two face surface grinding machine
    from Wassmer, Germany.
  • High Quality Automated brick surface grinder and Ring Assembly Surface
    grinder from Wendt India.
  • Drilling machine with high accuracy from HMT, India.
  • Specially designed mixer machine for homogenous mixing
  • Automated furnace having high accuracy of temperature profile.
  • Specially designed Flow Meter to measure argon pipe flow rates.

Our valued customers:

Snorkel Refractory

Snorkel is a complicated refractory assembly which is inner lined with bricks and outer lined with castables over the cylindrical steel core shell. 1 set of snorkels consists of 1 inlet snorkel and 1 outlet snorkel. Inlet snorkels are equipped with Argon pipe assembly to facilitate argon gas purging at the time of application in RH degasser.

RH degassing technology is used in secondary steelmaking stage mainly to make Auto grade and higher grade steels.

A cylindrical refractory lined shell with two legs is designed such that steel is raised in one leg(inlet) and falls back into the ladle after degassing through the second leg(outlet). Top side of the cylindrical shell is provided with exhaust, alloy additions, observation and control window. Cylindrical shell is lined with refractory bricks in the upper and the lower portion in order to sustain high temperature. The legs are lined with alumina refractory. A lifter gas argon is injected at the inlet snorkel in order to increase the molten steel velocity entering into inlet snorkel.

The process of vacuum degassing of steel in steel ladle has the purpose of reducing the content harmful gasses dissolved in steel as hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, as well as decarburizing and raising steel purity, thus improving its mechanical properties.

The RH vacuum degasser is also suitable for the mass production of high purity steel at integrated steel plants by extending refining functions such as the acceleration of desulphurization and DE oxidation through addition of flux while controlling the form of impurities.

Our Branded Products: