TRL Krosaki

TRL Krosaki first started fire clay bricks production in the year 1958. The plant was renamed as High Alumina (HA) plant after going through modernization and expansion in 1994.

We are serving to Iron Making, Lime, Steel, Aluminium, Ferro Chrome, Power, Glass, Carbon Black and many other industries.

Our products are supplied in Blast Furnace, Stove, Lime Kiln, Torpedo, Hot Metal, ABF, Pot Furnace, Rolling Mill, SMS area, Cyclone , Glass Tank Furnace, Flue Channel and Reactors for Carbon Black and pet coke manufacturing.

We are the only one Indian refractory manufacturer which produces fireclay & HA products ranges from 30 to 99.0 % Al2O3 content along with Al-SiC-C and some special grade products.

TRL Krosaki Belpahar Fireclay and High Alumina plant capacities is 4500MT per month

Our different High Alumina products are as follows :
  • Dense fire bricks and HA bricks up to 99.0 % alumina
  • Special quality of HA bricks for BF & Stove including checquers
  • Special quality of HA bricks for Anode Backing Furnace
  • Special quality of HA bricks for Submerged Arc Furnace and CFBC boilers
  • Fireclay & HA bricks for Non recovery Coke Oven
  • Super grade Al-Si-C bricks for Torpedo Ladle Car (TLC)
  • Cordierite bricks, Mullite bricks, Zircon-Mullite bricks
  • Alumina Chrome bricks for Pellet Plant or Carbon Reactor
  • Alumina Spinel bricks for Steel ladle

Facilities at Belpahar unit are

  • High intensity mixer machine from, Germany
  • Automated 1600 T Hydralic presses from Italy
  • Tunnel drier
  • Tunnel kiln

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