TRL Krosaki

Carve your own career

TRL Krosaki Refractories Limited recognises that its employees are the core assets for driving the Company's progress. We seek to attract the best available talent and enhance their potential through a learning environment. Consistent to our mission, working in a high performance and technology driven organisation is full of excitement. The company offers its employees a choice of diverse roles across functions and geographies, encouraging them to carve their own careers by leveraging their potential.

Equal opportunity and transparency

TRL Krosaki is a gender neutral employer, believing in offering equal opportunities, and recruits, remunerates and promotes employees solely based on merit, performance and competence. It also follows a policy of transparency and fairness in all dealings with its employees. The company strives to foster a climate of mutual trust, support and teamwork.

A Centre for Learning

TRL Krosaki believes, ''Knowledge is Power'' and provides a career filled with learning experiences to its employees for honing their knowledge, skill and experiences through on-the-job and off-the-job learning and development programmes. As an all product and services refractories company, TRL Krosaki is the center for learning new technologies.

Rewards & Recognition

At TRL Krosaki, the motivation to excel and go beyond own boundaries is well supported by a plethora of rewards and recognition programme. We believe, an individual's success is integral to the success of the entire organisation.

Enriching Quality of Life

In addition to the professional development, TRL Krosaki recognises the social and personal wellbeing of its employees. It offers a range of personal and family benefit schemes for fulfilling the priorities of its employees and their family members. TRL Krosaki takes care of everything starting from health, education, security and offers a happy living in its township.

Affirmative Action

As a part of its Affirmative Action Plan, the company follows the principle of positive discrimination during its recruitment process towards the candidates from Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe community, subject to all other criteria for selection remaining the same.