TRL Krosaki is a proven refractory supplier to the Copper Industry with achieved top benchmark performances in international smelters from Chile to Australia. We have experience of working in all kind of copper smelting processes e.g. Outotec, Isasmelt or Mitsubishi technology.

Our state of the art production facility based on an integrated plant ensures a high-volume supply of different brands and shapes in shorter delivery time. The base are top grade raw materials from international suppliers carefully selected for the needs of copper process technology.

TRL Krosaki is worldwide the first refractory producer that has established a risk based quality control system in its Basic plant in order ensure constant high quality standards.

Due to the focus of TRL Krosaki on the copper industry a trained team of sales/marketing, design and supervision experts is servicing the customers.

The close relationship with local Indian copper smelters supports the continuous development of new refractory products, design solutions, efficient installation procedures and creation of performance based contracts.

TRL Krosaki has therefor a complete range of refractories required for the copper industry e.g. high quality direct bonded Magnesia Chrome, Alumina Chrome and high Alumina bricks plus all types of Monolithic Refractories including Alumina Chrome Castable.

    Our Branded Products

  • Outokumpu Technology
    • TRL CR-XS - Tuyere Area
    • TRL CR-VV - Barrel & End Wall
  • Ausmelt Technology
    • TRL CR-XV
  • Mitsubishi Technology
    • TRL CR-VS
    • Fused Cast Mag-Chrome Brick
  • Teniente
    • TRL DBMC TF - Tuyere Area
    • TRL CR-XS - Barrel & End Wall
  • Anode Furnace
  • Tuyere - TRL CR-XS
    • TRL CR-XV
    • TRL CRAL 10P
  • Barrel & End Wall - TRL CR-VV
    • - TRL CR-XV
    • - TRL CR-XV1
  • Flash Smelting Furnace Roof - TRL CR-VV - TRL CR-VV2 Settler - TRL CR-XS Reaction Shaft - TRL CR-XS - TRL DBMC3 Uptake Shaft - TRL CR-XS - TRL CR-VV2 Slag Cleaning Furnace Up to Slag Level - TRL CR-XS - TRL CR-VS - TRL DBMC-TF Above Slag Level - TRL CR-VV - TRL CR-VS - TRL CR-VV

    Our Valued Customers